martes, 26 de agosto de 2008


“ Let´s put the cupcakes in your basket, “ said Little Red Riding Hood´s mother. “Mmmm! Said Little Red Riding Hood.

“They´re for Granny – not for you,” laughed her mother. Her mother watches her from the window.
“ Now – off you go. And – “ “I know. I know - Don´t speak to strangers in the woods,” laughed Little Red Riding Hood. “ Mothers!

Little Red Riding Hood ate her apple and sang as she walked along. But – oh! Who is she walked along. But- oh! Who is this behind her? A wolf is watching her from behind a tree. “ Good morning little girl, where are you going?” “I´m going to see my Granny. She´s sick in bed.”

Oh, Little Red Riding Hood, remember – don´t speak to strangers. “ Goodbye, “ said the wolf.“Remember now – don´t speak to strangers. Ha! Ha! Ha!” The wolf ran off very quickly. “ Goodbye, Mr Wolf,” said Little Red Riding Hood
The wolf ran quickly to Granny´s house. He went in.

“I´m hungry, “ he said. He opened his mouth wide and ate Granny in one big gulp. “ Mmmmmm!” he said.
“ Hello Granny! It´s me, Little Red Riding Hood” “ Come in. Come in, little one” said the wolf, in Granny´s clothes, from the bed. “ You look pretty today” “How are you, Granny?” asked Little Red Riding Hood. “ A little better. Thank you.”

“ Look Granny. I have some cupcakes for you.” “ Thank you,” said the wolf. “ How nice!” “Granny, why are your ears so big?” “ To hear you, little one.” “And, Granny, why are your eyes so big?” “to see you one.”

“ And why are your arms so big?” “ To hug you, little one.” “ But, Granny, Why are your teeth so big?” “To - EAT YOU, LITTLE ONE!” And the wolf jumped from the bed.
Little Red Riding Hood ran to the door. “Mmmm! Dinner, dinner, here I come,” laughed the wolf as he ran after her. “ Stop! Stop! Said a woodcutter. He came in and stopped the wolf by cutting him with his ax.
“Goodbye wolf.” “Oh, Thank you,” said Little Red Riding Hood. “ But where´s Granny?” Granny jumped out of the wolf´s stomach.

“Oh, Granny,” said Little Red Riding Hood. “ Are you OK?” “ Yes, I´m OK,” said Granny, “ a little weak, But very hungry. Now where are those cupcakes?”.

jueves, 10 de julio de 2008


Dr. Livingstone was a Scottish explorer. He explored Africa. He always travelled with a group of natives, they carried sin luggage.
In the evening they camped by the rives, they made a fire and cooked their supper. They never slept in the jungle.
They always walked a lot and at night he were always very tired.

In the morning they always got up early. They had breakfast and made some tea.

There aren´t any showers in the jungle so they always swam in the river.

Dr. Livingstone discovered a big waterfall. He called it The Victoria Falls in honour of the Queen of England, who was called. Victoria. This waterfall is the starting point of the river Nile.

martes, 8 de julio de 2008


Who es this famous man?

Jules Verne was a French writer. He is a very famous writer. He wrote a lot of famous and important books.

He wrote a book called Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.
In the story Captain Nemo had a submarine called Nautilus.
He travelled under the sea with his friends. Under the sea they saw a lot of fish and other animals. ( interesting web, you can write... )

lunes, 7 de julio de 2008


Moby Dick, the whale.
What do you know about Moby Dick?

Herman Melville was a famous American writer. He wrote a book about a big white WHALE called Moby Dick.
In the Story Captain Ahab went to sea i a big boat. We wanted Kill Moby Dick. They fought for three days in a big storm. Moby Dick was a very intelligent whale. He scaped and saved his life.
Whales are as intelligent as people.

Greenpeace wants to save animals, woods and other things. And you?

Do you know any other animals that are in danger?

SAVE them!!!